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$20K Update - Made a new Stretch Goal

October 11th, 2015 at 04:03 pm

MO mowed his cousin's property out at the lake this summer, and yesterday his cousin gave him a check for $500 for mowing! Sweet! We were only expecting about $300, so this was a great surprise! We also got a small rebate from beer that we had bought for the wedding.

MO and I have been talking about our current goal (paying off the money my Mom loaned us, balance is currently $14,247.50) and how long it would take us to pay her off. Now that we are done with all of the house, wedding, trips, we don't have anything planned for upcoming trips/events. We have been talking about taking a little group trip to Laughlin (we get free flights and free rooms there) with some of MO's family in March. And wouldn't it be nice to have my Mom paid off by then?? We talked it over and we think if we tried really hard we could make it, and that would be a lovely "prize" for paying her off. So are going to work hard to have enough in savings to pay her off, have money for the trip, and still have a little left in savings for EF, then when we get home, we will start over again on savings, and would only have HELOC, store loan, and mortgages left. We are going to cut eating out and gambling as much as we can. I went grocery shopping yesterday and stocked up the pantry some, and I plan on getting some crockpot meals, and maybe even some freezer meals lined up soon. The loan we originally set up with my Mom was for 4 years, so if we could pay it off in 9 months that would be amazing!

Current Balance $10,150.00
+$12.00 Budweiser Rebate
+$8.00 Even Out Amount
+$500.00 MO Lawn Mowing Money
Balance $10,670.00

Local Savings $1535.00
GC Savings $2550.00
Capital 360 Savings (US) $2755.00
Capital 360 Savings (Mom Payback Account)$2580.00
Capital 360 Savings (Rental Deposit Account) $1250.00
Total Savings = $10,670.00

52 Week Challenge
Week 39 $703(total) + $38 + $39(deposit) = $780

1 Responses to “$20K Update - Made a new Stretch Goal”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Your new husband sounds like a great partner! It's so nice to get support in pursuit of financial goals.

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