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$20K Challenge

October 26th, 2015 at 04:13 pm

We are chipping away at savings, but we have some monster bills coming up.....so I am pretty nervous! My home insurance and car insurance are due. Also we had a new AC put in Rental #2 (my old house) a month or two ago and haven't received the bill for that yet...plus wedding pictures...and we had a repair man out to hookup the hot tub at the new house, I'm sure that bill will be here soon. YIKES! Just gotta keep sockin away the dollars and pay the bills as they come!

Current Balance $11,085.00
+$40.00 Last Week FB Sales
+$10.00 This Weekend FB Sales
+$100.00 Belated Wedding Gift
Balance $11,235.00

Local Savings $1905.00
GC Savings $2550.00
Capital 360 Savings (US) $2830.00
Capital 360 Savings (Mom Payback Account)$2700.00
Capital 360 Savings (Rental Deposit Account) $1250.00
Total Savings = $11,235.00

52 Week Challenge
Week 39 $703(total) + $38 + $39(deposit) = $780

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