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FB Sales over the weekend

October 26th, 2015 at 02:34 pm

Still chugging along with selling, mostly items we are finding that we don't need as we unpack. I have about $20 more in sales lined up for pickup so far this week.

Sale #267 (JC) $4.00
Lysol Refill Soaps (We no longer have the holder)
Sold for $2.00 each (2)
Profit = $4.00

Sale #268 (AKA) $1.00
Dixie Paper Cups
Sold for $1.00
Profit = $1.00

Sale #269 (MG) $4.00
Parchment Triangles for cake decorating
Sold for $4.00
Profit = $4.00

I also sold 2 pairs of new boxers for $4.00 a piece, and 4 Halloween Bags for $1.00 a piece for my Mom.

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