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FB Sales/Moving/21 Day Fix

November 4th, 2015 at 03:22 pm

This weekend we got a Uhaul and moved my furniture from my old house an hr away to the new house. It was a very exhausting day for sure! We added about another 20 boxes to the already roomful we still have to unpack. Why do we have so much crap I have been selling stuff daily on FB and made another $80 last week on FB sales. We also got rent from all 4 of our renters and were able to put another $600 in savings, which got us to $12K!

In other news, we are still waiting for a bill from AC install at Rental #2, Electrician bill for hot tub rewiring at our house, electrician bill for heating repair at our house, and once my CC due date gets here we have to pay for my property taxes....so that is the fun we are expecting soon!

MO (My one) has gotten on board with me to do a 21 day fix! I am super excited that he is on board. We both need to lose some weight, we had a major "honeymoon" phase when we started dating and both gained about 20lbs. I have a lot of workout DVDs, so I wrote them all done on scraps of paper and put them in a bowl, 18 totals workouts (P90X3 workouts, some Shape DVDs, 21 Day Fix workouts) and had MO draw one today...P90X3 The Warrior...waita ease into things.....LOL! Monday morning he got up with me at 5am, we did The Warrior workout, had Shakeology for breakfast and he is armed with a grocery list to bring home. He also said he is going to buy a gallon jug of water and use that to measure his water intake. I am so proud of him/us! He is hoping to lose 20lbs and I am hoping to lose 10/15lbs. Would love to have that much off before the holidays start!
Today was day 3, we weighed in this morning and between the 2 of us, we are down 18.5lbs!!! Crazy!

And now on to FB sales...sold another $80 in junk this week! So happy to be making our house less cluttered and putting some $$ in our pockets!

Sale #270 (BH) $15.00
Bamboo Salad Bowl (Got as a gift never used)
Sold for $15.00
Profit = $15.00

Sale #271 (JZ) $7.00
Spice Containers
Sold for $5.00
Profit = $5.00
*Plus 2 Halloween Bags for my Mom

Sale #272 (HL) $6.00
Discounted Items from CVS
Colgate Kids Strawberry Toothpaste (3) - I paid .19 (Free on CVS GC)
Sold for $2.00 each
Profit = $6.00

Sale #273 (JS) $1.00
Berenstein Bear Mug
Sold for $1.00
Profit = $1.00

Sale #274 (JD) $1.00
Star Stickers
Sold for $1.00
Profit = $1.00

Sale #275 (AN) $1.00
2 Squirt Bottles
Sold for $1.00
Profit = $1.00

Sale #276 (DI) $1.00
Misc Knives
Sold for $1.00
Profit = $1.00

Sale #277 (MG) $10.00
John Deere Socks (MO got these when Alco closed for pennies)
I had marked for $4.00 each, but did a deal to get rid of the last 3, 3 for $10.00.
Sold for $10.00
Profit = $10.00

Sale #278 (JC) $40.00
PS2 and games
Sold for $40.00
Profit = $40.00

2 Responses to “FB Sales/Moving/21 Day Fix”

  1. snafu Says:

    Have you heard of Konmari, the current, popular declutter routine? https://youtu.be/P9RrHBXRgNw

    This Japanese author/lecturer, offers a different way of thinking and managing household stuff. I wish this had been available for our last move. Since we are discussing whether to sell and downsize next spring, I have begun the process and plan to follow it in the author's suggested order. used her process for medicine, medical supplies, prescriptions and bathrm supplies. With a room designated for boxes, it seems a very practical, one touch system to make your new home exactly fit your expectation. Sell, re-gift, donate, trash groups of items that have unpleasant memories/association, are extraneous to your needs or no longer serve you. The goal is to have every item 'spark joy.'

  2. Banker Gurl Says:

    Hi Snafu! I have "heard" of Konmari, but only in very basic terms, I haven't researched it myself. Maybe something I will want to look into!

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