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Debt Update - 11/13/15

November 17th, 2015 at 07:07 am

Went hunting with hubby this weekend, walked about 3 hrs (yeah for burning calories!) and he got a grouse, a pheasant, and a buck! YEAH! Lots of meat for our freezer this winter! Pheasant and grouse are already prepared for cooking and in the freezer. The buck to the grocery store he manages to be processed into sausage, summer sausage and jerky.

Super happy with this update, went down over $1000 in the last 2 weeks!

Celebrations for this update:
-Total debt went down over $1000 in just 2 weeks!
-Total debt went under $560K!
-Total paid on Bad Debt Race passed $7K!
-Mom Loan went under $14K

Student Loan $0
Payback Savings $0
David's Bridal $0
Scheel's Card $0
Total Rewards $0
LOC - US Bank $0
Ring Iddeal $0
Loan from Mom $13,994.99
Store Loan $13,346.12
HELOC $29,366.61
MO Mortgage $88,389.24
My Mortgage $158,490.00
Our Mortgage $256,138.59
Total = $559.725.55

$1034.77 paid off in the last 2 weeks!!!

Starting total was $584,391.18.
$24,665.63 paid off since 6/19/15 (including downpayment on house)

We have $3330.00 in a savings account to pay off my Mom, so the amount we still owe her is $10,664.99

2 Responses to “Debt Update - 11/13/15”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    That's an awesome payoff!

  2. pjmama Says:

    So much to celebrate!!! You should be very proud Big Grin

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