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FB Sales Week of 11/16/15

November 23rd, 2015 at 03:56 pm

Sold another $76.00 this week! Was very happy to get rid of a lot of my old kitchen items. Everything that is left that I don't want is marked, boxed up, and labeled for rummage sale. Smile

Sale #292 (CC)$2.00
Coffee Mugs
Sold for $2.00
Profit = $2.00

Sale #293 (BG)$40.00
Bar Stools
Sold for $40.00
Profit = $40.00

Sale #294 (JZ)$15.00
Margarita Set
Sold for $12.00
Profit = $12.00

Martini Glasses
Sold for $3.00
Profit = $3.00

Sale #295 (KC)$7.00
Knife Set
Sold for $3.00
Profit = $3.00

Baking Pan
Sold for $1.00
Profit = $1.00

Plastic Cups
Sold for $1.00
Profit = $1.00

Sold for $1.00
Profit = $1.00

Ice Cube Tray
Sold for $1.00
Profit = $1.00

Sale #296 (JP)$6.00 (Joint with Mom)
Glue Gun and extra glue sticks
Sold for $3.00 each
Profit = $6.00

I also sold a sleeper for my Mom for $6.00.

1 Responses to “FB Sales Week of 11/16/15”

  1. snafu Says:

    I wondered about your timeline for the larger overarching financial plan. Selling items from your old house reminds me there is a formula for working out the practicality and financial benefit/detriment of being a landlord. I recall it was discussed by several SA participants.

    Since your moved out date, the expenses of the [old] house like mortgage, interest, taxes, utilities and maintenance have continued to require offset from new earnings. It is not yet self supporting. I'm not being negative and fully understand that you've had huge, non stop, life changes. I know I couldn't manage all you pack into your schedule.

    The work done on the house like wall repairs, painting, sliding doors, updating or upgrading also have potential to be tax deductibles if the house is a rental. The basement rental seems step one but the costs remain negative to your bottom line. I'm trying to hiighlight an issue that has potential to come back and bite you.

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