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My Never-Ending To Do List

January 20th, 2016 at 03:50 pm

I started a "Never-Ending" To Do List back in July when I was getting ready for the wedding.

I absolutely love it and it helps me get things completed that I pushed off for a long time.

I have always been a big "list" person, and would have little lists all over the place and typically would get the easier tasks done and then the list gets thrown away and the junk I didn't want to do would never get done. Now with my never-ending list, I have a smaller size notebook and every day I write the date and every time I think of something I need to do I write it down even if I have no intentions of doing it today, or even this week or this month, at least it is on the list to eventually get done. Then the next day the same thing, etc. Many of the items are crossed off within the same day or week that I write them down (laundry, dishes, making a recipe, print off a form, renew library books, etc.) and then there are many that stay on there for weeks or even months (change name on passport, get MO a passport, use label maker, etc.).

The reason this works so good for me is because eventually every item that I have ignored will one day be the oldest item on the list....and I want to get the oldest items done....so once something is the oldest item I really work to get it done instead of leaving it. Right now the oldest 2 items on my list are change name with new mortgage company (9/6/15) (they gave me a laundry list of paper work to submit with it, so I am working on getting all of the papers together, relying on MO for some of them) and selling my old wedding ring set (9/19/15).

The name change I definitely would have done right away had it not come with about 20 hoops! When I changed my name on the mortgage for my bank, I just showed them my marriage cert and they changed it right away. With our new mortgage, they gave me a list of 10 items they need including my new SSN Card, a $10 fee (for a name change?!) and many other items.....super frustrating!

The ring I had tried to take around to several jewelry shops to see what they would offer. Unfortunately the best offers I was getting was around $400 (this was a $5000 set, 14K white gold, 2 ctw diamonds) because they all said they would take it all apart and make new jewelry out of it. I want to get rid of it, but I don't NEED the money and if they are only going to give $400 then I am just going to hold onto it for now. I did put it on a local selling site for $2500 so hoping to at least get some interest there...I think the lowest I would take would be $1000-$1500 and that is really sad as it is a beautiful ring, but I certainly understand people not wanting a "used" set.

So if you are like me and always have certain items that you just keep putting off this has helped me a lot to focus and get that old junk done!!

6 Responses to “My Never-Ending To Do List”

  1. Carol Says:

    I like the notebook idea for lists-- instead of my pile of scrap paper-- thanks!

  2. Jenn Says:

    I use a free online program called Toodledo & it's transformed my life! Okay, maybe that's a little strong... I'm also a list person, and it allows you to put categories and priorities against the items so you can sort. I know that once an idea is on the master list, it won't get lost so I can forget about it until it's time to do it.

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    I have a similar list system but just use a smart phone app. I just put various reminders and to do lists on there. I have a shared honey do list for my spouse too but I think it's been forgotten, and in the past have used the shared grocery list, but we seem to be stuck in "pen and paper" mode for groceries. Which is fine since I have like no less than 100 pads of paper from a local realtor.

  4. Amber Says:

    I actually like the idea of a never ending list. I might just try it. And good luck with the sale of the ring.

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I specifically asked Mr. FT to go for something that was NOT new - something that had a bit of a history behind it. He found my ring on eBay through an estate sale. But I would guess my view on it isn't the norm ... Smile

  6. snafu Says:

    I too am a 'list' person who was only able to keep on top of several concurrent roles by using more and more sophisticated version of day timers to avoid missing deadlines or important obligations. For 18 months, I really tried to switch to my i Phone app + laptop calendar but chocked on frustration. I returned to FC and added 'bullet journal' features that I'd played with. You might look at the concept [You Tube] to see if features keep you up-to-date for little effort.

    Sad to see how little value is retained in quality jewelry. DeBeers marketing campaign has been extra ordinarily successful in convincing people that a diamond has value. The various campaigns are teaching points for all marketers no matter the product. Fact is sunk money is gone. With Valentine's Day coming up, why not shine them up, set in a pretty box and list and/or bid on every site available. You might luck out and there is no risk. Can you call it something other than 'used.' The buyer doesn't need to know the back story, just the size, color, clarity, carat...the good stuff

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