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YES! My whole house is rented!

January 29th, 2016 at 07:28 pm

Up until now, just the basement of my old house was rented. Since I still had a lot of belongings there I still paid the heat/electricity, water and internet. One of MO's friends was renting the basement for a flat fee of $600 and that was working very well as I trust him so was ok with my belongings still being there. Plus we were able to get some much needed repairs done while still having some rent coming in. Now that I am finally out of there I let him know that if he stays rent will increase to $1200 as of March 1, or if he moves out, I will raise rent to $1500. I am ok with losing the $300 a month to have someone I trust in my property so was really hoping he would stay. Got great news yesterday, MO's brother is going to be moving in to the other half of the house, he is friends with the current renter and will be paying the other $600 a month!

This is awesome! So that will be an extra $600 a month in rent, plus they will now be resp for heat/electricity (est $100 per month) plus internet ($55 per month). So that is an extra $755 per month in my pocket!

AND I still get the benefit of having people I trust in there! Smile

6 Responses to “YES! My whole house is rented!”

  1. snafu Says:

    Happy repairs were done, didn't[ you paint?] and rented. Suggest checking with insurance agent for modification to policy. Renters need to understand that they need insurance for their belongings.

  2. Banker Gurl Says:

    Yes we had several holes in the walls (from XH) fixed, about 1/2 of the house painted, and we also had a new garage door put on. We still need to do some landscaping work in the springtime, but other then that it is in good shape. Smile And yes I will make sure I make them aware of renters insurance. Smile

  3. turning a new leaf Says:

    Hooray! You can also get an Umbrella insurance policy for less than $300 for an extra million in coverage for you/property. We had this when we owned a house and rented to tenants.

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    That's awesome news!

  5. mjrube94 Says:

    That's a huge gain! Great news!

  6. rob62521 Says:

    What great news for you!

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