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I quit pop

February 8th, 2016 at 08:19 pm

Yesterday was my last day with pop. I am sad! I love Coke and am definitely an addict but I just can't see those pics and vids on FB anymore that show how much sugar I am drinking everyday! I have previously quit pop many times before and would only allow myself to have it as a treat (going to movies, road trips, etc.) but then once I got that treat then I would just crave it so bad again and end up going back to my old ways of having pop everyday. So this time I am just quitting completely. No more excuses, just done with it. Hoping this will help us save a little $$$ as well as help me shed some lbs, swimsuit season is coming up fast!

6 Responses to “I quit pop”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Congrats! It is best to just be done with it. I still have one once in awhile. It helps a lot that my DH finally quit that habit in the last year, too.

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    You're right...it IS addicting. I am a Diet Coke lover but have to try to avoid it completely

  3. My English Castle Says:

    We quit several years ago--It's horrible stuff. Honestly, I rarely miss it at all. Good for you!

  4. Jenn Says:

    Good for you! It's bad in every way - for your health AND for your finances.

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I keep trying to quit it too. Do well for awhile .... It's a hard thing to quit.

  6. Banker Gurl Says:

    Thanks for the support everyone! I am definitely missing it hard after only one day. I know it will get easier!

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