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Week 2 Checkin for Dietbets

June 15th, 2016 at 05:03 pm

I had a rough weekend with eating junk (and a lot of it) while I was out of town. I have a really hard time being good when I am away from home, even when I plan and bring healthy options I still struggle a lot....I went up 1.4lbs from last week's weigh in, but am back on track. We will be out of town again this weekend, I am going to try a new strategy and instead of trying to completely avoid the bad foods that are around, I am just going to focus on portion control instead since avoidance is not working for me.

MO bought me a standup paddle board for my BD next week and I am sooooo excited to try it out! It looks super fun and is a great workout, so as long as the weather cooperates I should at least get some exercise in this weekend!

I am also going to be running a 5K with my SIL and step-MIL in August, I am in no shape for that right now, so I need to get a running schedule together to make sure I am not embarrassed! I am trying to talk MO into participating as well, but not holding my breath on that one!

Positives for this week - I am still doing awesome at doing P90X everyday that I am in town and I don't even hate it that much! Still doing great at drinking water (other then the weekend) and no pop or alcohol at home.

I have passed MO in the % loss! Gotta keep on trucking!!

Banker Gurl
Week 1 - (3.5%)
Week 2 - (2.8%)
*Need to lose 2.4 more lbs by 6/23/16 to meet my first Dietbet

Banker Man
Week 1 - (3.9%)
Week 2 - (2.1%)
*Need to lose 5.7 more lbs by 6/23/16 to meet his first Dietbet

1 Responses to “Week 2 Checkin for Dietbets”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Go BankerGurl, good luck!

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