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End of first round dietbets - 3 New ones started!

July 5th, 2016 at 07:50 pm

We finished our initial 3 dietbets, and we both won all 3! We made a total of $46.54 each between the 3 of them (the $100 dietbet paid surprisingly low....I suppose too many people won, so we didn't get paid much).

The old set of dietbets ended last week, and we waited till after the holiday weekend to start our new ones yesterday. I was happy I was only up a few lbs over the long weekend and should see those gone in a few days. We started 3 more dietbets and they end at the beginning of August.

I really want to beat MO, I will be starting running tomorrow to add to my current softball, paddleboarding, P90X etc. We bought a treadmill off of FB for $150, seems to have a lot of options, so I think it was a good deal! My Dr. also put me on some new medication as they have diagnosed me with PCOS, so hopefully the new medication will also help me lose some weight. My goal is to be at 7.3% lost by 8/1/16. (Currently at 3.1% lost).

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