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Debt Update - 3/17/17

March 19th, 2017 at 02:15 pm

$845.69 paid off in the last 2 weeks!

Still waiting for MO's bonus, hopefully it will be on his next paycheck. In the meantime I am going to stop being lazy and get back on the OT train with 15hrs this week.

Also still waiting for the bill for my car repairs, small town so even though it was fixed and returned to us a week ago, we still haven't been given a bill yet.

Our weekend away last weekend was a nice break and now it's time to hit the work and hustle hard until our Laughlin/Vegas vaca (in 29 days!!!)

Celebrations for this update:
-Total debt went down $845.69 in the last 2 weeks!
-Savings past $16K!!
-Total debt went under the next $1000 mark for the 3rd update in a row!

Student Loan $0
Payback Savings $0
David's Bridal $0
Scheel's Card $0
Total Rewards $0
LOC - US Bank $0
Ring Iddeal $0
Best Buy $0
Store Loan $9,412.10
Mom Loan #2 $22,424.98
MO Mortgage $85,559.40
My Mortgage $153,150.00
Our Mortgage $250,184.11
Total = $520,730.59

Down $845.69 in the last 2 weeks!!

Starting total was $587,351.27
$66,620.68 paid off since 6/19/15 (including downpayment on house)!!!!!

We have $1340.00 in a savings account to pay off the Mom Loan, so the amount we still owe that is $21,084.98.

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