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Vegas Baby! Free flight, comped rooms, fun times ahead!

July 26th, 2017 at 05:07 pm

We leave for Vegas tomorrow! YEAH!!!!!

Due to previous trips, we have a lot of comps that will help us cover a lot of the costs.

-This trip is for my SIL's 21st BD, so my in-laws generously purchased the flight tickets for all of their kids and spouses as a Christmas present, so the flight is free!

-We are staying 4 nights at Harrah's properties which MO gets free nights at based on previous play. MO was able to get the rest of the family/friends discounts on their rooms at Harrah's. We are also staying 3 nights on Fremont St. and we have free rooms at several hotels there, so we were able to get the entire group free there!

-We are going to go to a BD dinner for SIL and we have $100 dinner voucher for that, so that should be close to free for me and MO(expensive restaurant, plus drinks + tips, we may have to pay a tiny bit OOP).

-We also have $100 worth of free food vouchers for Fremont St.

-We are bringing 2 $50 giftcards for Outback Steakhouse which we redeemed from our Discover Cashback Rewards (Free!), not sure if we will use both of those, but at least one as there is an Outback on the strip so that will cover another meal. We also got an extra $50 GC to give to my in-laws as a thank you for paying for the flights.

-The rest of our meals we will do a lot of slices of pizza or grabbing a sandwich at Subway or McDonalds or other cheap options. We are movers and shakers, so won't do too many sit down or expensive meals.

-All drinks are free while we gamble!

-Lastly we have a couple hundred in free slot play. When we get free play we always play it through, which is required, and as soon as we have played it through we cash it out and put it in our winner pocket to go home, so we should get at least a little something back from that, and maybe more!

So other then gambling, this should be a decently cheap vacation. We do both love to gamble (hence all of the comps), but we have a good strategy to always pocket our winners, so hopefully we have a little luck and come home with some good $$$!

1 Responses to “Vegas Baby! Free flight, comped rooms, fun times ahead!”

  1. snafu Says:

    It's scorching hot 92 F - 105 F ...enjoy Casino AC and we're rooting for you! Bring a major slice of moolah back to ND

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