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Back from Vegas! - Debt Update 8/4/17

August 8th, 2017 at 08:56 am

We are back from Vegas! We didn't win big, but we didn't get our booties kicked either. Our flights, 7 day hotel stay (and our families rooms as well), lots of food, about $300 in gaming, poolside cabana (and $1000 poolside food/alcohol bill) were all comped. It was nice to be able to share some of our comps with my inlaws as well as they are always willing to help us out with watching our puppy girls. We also had a limo ride to and from the airport, a fancy BD dinner at Paris for my SIL's 21st BD, a ride on the High Roller, zipline on Fremont St., a tour of the Mob Museum, some of our group also went to The Blue Man Group, some to Penn and Teller, and my fave was Cher Concert on the last night! It was a great trip and had a lot of fun with hubby and his family. We probably won't go back this year, but we don't have kids so sometimes we go impromptu, so we shall see. With the amount we played through we will be able to get free rooms, etc for the rest of 2017 and 2018 as well.

Now on to financial business! We are right on track to be able to pay off the Mom Loan in Dec. We "could" pay it off now, but we need to have enough to pay off the loan, have our renters deposits in savings in case someone moved out, and have a little EF. Total we need is about $21,750, right now we have about $17K so we need to save another $5K by Dec. That would be a fabulous paydown, and we would blow past the $500K mark. I can't wait! So time to put our nose to the grindstone and get that last bit into savings!

Celebrations for this update:
-$681.14 paid off in the last 2 weeks!
-Mom Loan went under the next $1000 mark and under $20K!!!!!
-Total debt went under the next $1000 mark for the 4th update in a row!

Student Loan $0
Payback Savings $0
David's Bridal $0
Scheel's Card $0
Total Rewards $0
LOC - US Bank $0
Ring Iddeal $0
Best Buy $0
Store Loan $8,268.52
Mom Loan #2 $19,602.46
MO Mortgage $84,656.75
My Mortgage $151,750.00
Our Mortgage $248,643.70
Total = $512,921.43

Down $681.14 in the last 2 weeks!!

Starting total was $587,351.27
$74,429.84 paid off since 6/19/15 (including downpayment on house)!!!!!

We have $2115 in a savings account to pay off the Mom Loan, so the amount we still owe that is $17,487.46.

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