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Kohls Clearance Flipflops

September 27th, 2017 at 05:23 pm

Couple of sparkly grabs at Kohls! Since we are fully into fall here in the Midwest, these will be marked and packed away for selling next spring. One of the keys to us being able to coupon and clearance find effectively is being able to buy "off-season" items at rock bottom prices and store them till they are in demand.

Girls Flip Flops (Bought 6)
Regular Price $8.00 each
-$6.88 Clearance Price + Kohls Charge 30% Savings
Final Price + Tax = $1.19 each!!
(Marked $3.00 (?) for rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold 1 for $3.00 on FB on 11/3/19

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