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Renter Moving Out - This could get ugly

December 6th, 2017 at 02:48 pm

Just one week after our basement renter moved out, we received notice from our renter in Rental #1 that they will be moving out as of 2/1/18. This renter has been in there since we started renting the house in Sept 2015, always pays rent on time, no problems whatsoever.....we are really sad to see them go!

This rental is in the very small town where we live and right now the housing market is terrible here. So many houses for sale. Population is only around 3K. It's very difficult to find renters.

Plus the renters that were living there had started building a patio on the back of the house with our permission. So they took off the old steps and poured concrete. Now it's Dec and they are going to move out and we have no steps on the back of our house.....UGH!

At least we have two months notice, and we can lower the rent to help find a renter too, but this was definitely not what we needed when we are trying to bulk up savings for medical services in 2018.


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