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$20K Update - My first Ebates Check!

December 26th, 2017 at 06:03 pm

I got my first Ebates check and put it into savings. I also moved our Weekly Challenge money over to savings. We will start the 2018 Challenge right away!

Current Balance $15,305.00
+$50.00 FB Sales
+$19.15 Ebates
+.85 Even Out Amount
+$1400.00 2017 Weekly Challenge
Balance $16,775.00

Local Savings $5835.00
GC Savings $1025.00
Capital 360 Savings (US) $4270.00
Capital 360 Savings (Mom Loan Payback Account)$2880.00
Capital 360 Savings (Rental Deposit Account #1)$1265.00
Capital 360 Savings (Rental Deposit Account #2)$1500.00
Total Savings = $16,775.00

52 Week Challenge
2018 Total = $0

1 Responses to “$20K Update - My first Ebates Check!”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Isn't it wonderful seeing the balance go up? Good score on the Ebates!

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