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How did we do on 2017 Goals?

December 30th, 2017 at 03:42 pm

Here is our 2017 Goals and how we did on them. Our savings went up $8620.00, and our debt went down $20,792.19. That's almost a $30K swing in the right direction! We also did a lot of updates to Rental #2 including a brand new deck, which we paid for in cash ($3K+).
If we didn't have so many unknowns in 2018 we could have been more aggressive with the debt paydown, but I think it's best to be safe for now.

2017 Goals

-Pay in cash for trip to Laughlin -Goal Met!
-Pay in cash for Vegas trip for SIL 21st BD -Goal Met!
-Keep savings at/above $5K by end of year -Goal Met! Currently at $16,935!

-Payoff Mom Loan #2 (Current balance $24,107.25 with $900 in separate savings account to pay it off) - We do have enough in savings to payoff the Mom Loan right now, but since we are going to have a lot of medical bills in 2018, and right now we have a renter moving out on Feb 1 and no one set up to move in yet, we are waiting till things are more secure before we drain savings.
-Store Loan (From $10,094.05 to $7,116.12) - Goal Met!
-Rental #1 Mortgage (From $154,200.00 to $149,990.00) -Goal Met!
-Rental #2 Mortgage (From $85,917.82 to $83,800.00) -Goal Met!
-Our House (From $251,325.62 to $246,688.21) -Goal Met!
-STRETCH GOAL Total Debt Balance down to $490K or less. That is down $35,933.12 for the year (Currently at $525,933.12) - If we drained savings to payoff the Mom Loan we would meet and exceed the stretch goal, but for now we just need to sit tight to see what 2018 will bring for medical bills and renters.

-Continue contributing 6% to 401K - Goal Met!
-Research and review allocations of ROTH and make appropriate adjustments - Didn't do this at all - FAIL

-Be positive and thankful for what I have -Still working on this mindset
-Lose 50lbs before Vegas Trip (July 2017) - I did lose 20 before we went to Vegas, but since then gained back about 10

Home Improvements and Rental Updates
-Complete minor repairs at Rental #1 (hole in wall) - Not done, but since our renter is moving out we should be able to get this done soon
-Complete minor repairs at Rental #2 (porch step, landscaping) - Done as well as new deck
-Plant bigger/better garden at new house - I didn't get any garden planted at all this year

1 Responses to “How did we do on 2017 Goals?”

  1. Rachael777 Says:

    Overall very good year. thanks for sharing. Love hearing peoples stories.

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