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Mortgage Payment went up $70 a month!! :(

February 16th, 2018 at 08:24 pm

As if we didn't have enough going on financially with missing a renter and tons and tons of medical bills! Now we got notice from the lender on our personal mortgage that our monthly mortgage payment will be going up $70 a month due to underestimation of Escrow last year. Boooooo!!! That's a huge increase on a monthly bill! The increase is mainly due to our property taxes increasing. Such a bummer. Last year our payment went down $10, so I was hoping it would maybe going down a little bit this year too. Due the increase I am cancelling my monthly auto payment to savings of $10 for mortgage savings, so this is the last one as the new payment kicks in in March.

Current Balance $17,385.00
+$10.00 MO Payday to Our Savings (2/16)
Balance $17,395.00

Local Savings $4515.00
GC Savings $2240.00
Capital 360 Savings (US) $4685.00
Capital 360 Savings (Mom Loan Payback Account)$3190.00
Capital 360 Savings (Rental Deposit Account #1)$1265.00
Capital 360 Savings (Rental Deposit Account #2)$1500.00
Total Savings = $17,395.00

52 Week Challenge
2018 Total = $231 (Week 1-21)

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