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Debt Update - 3/30/18

March 30th, 2018 at 02:53 pm

$875.14 paid off in the last 2 weeks!!!

Celebrations for this update:
-$875.14 paid off in the last 2 weeks!
-Total Debt went under the next $1000 mark for the 6th update in a row!!

Student Loan $0
Payback Savings $0
David's Bridal $0
Scheel's Card $0
Total Rewards $0
LOC - US Bank $0
Ring Iddeal $0
Best Buy $0
Store Loan $6,304.15
Mom Loan #2 $15,037.27
MO Mortgage $83,185.85
My Mortgage $148,700.00
Our Mortgage $245,498.71
Total = $498,725.98

Down $875.14 in the last 2 weeks!!

Starting total was $587,351.27
$88,625.29 paid off since 6/19/15 (including downpayment on house)!!!!!

2 Responses to “Debt Update - 3/30/18”

  1. Rachael777 Says:

    outstanding job w the debt.,. Are you also saving too to take advantage of the time value of interest and money or are the interest rates such with the debt that that does not make sense?

  2. Banker Gurl Says:

    Thanks Rachael! We are saving (see $20K Challenge Entries) but most of our savings is ear marked for medical expenses, rental expenses and emergencies. We do contribute to retirement funds through our employers as well. Thanks for reading!

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