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FB Sales Week of 7/1/18

July 10th, 2018 at 07:42 am

Not much picked up this week, but I do have a lot of items sold just waiting for pickup!

Sales this week were $13.00

Sale #908 (CG) $5.00
Axe Deodorant (3) - We paid .66 each
Sold for $1.00 each since they expire soon
Profit = $1.02

For my Mom: 3 Right Guard Deodorants $1.00 each for 2 and one for free because it was cracked inside.

Sale #909 (KR) $8.00
Towel Wrap - Donated to me
Sold for $4.00
Profit = $4.00

Total Girl T-Shirt - We paid $1.43
Sold for $4.00
Profit = $2.57

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