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Great News on the Jeep!!

August 15th, 2018 at 09:46 pm

Well the Jeep is totaled out, so that stinks, but in good news we are getting a lot more back for it then we anticipated!! We bought the Jeep in May 2016 for $5200.00....and insurance valued it today at $5096.33!! So they only show the value went down $100 since we got it 27 months ago! Basically got to drive it for $50 a year! SWWEEEEEEETTTT!!!!

Our ded is $500, but since it was a non-collision accident (deer, rather then another auto, etc.) the ded is only $250, so we are getting back $4846.33!!

So happy!! We will need to get a new vehicle sooner then later but for now we will make it work with our car and truck until we find the right fit for a new vehicle. We will use some of the money for medical bills and put the rest into savings for now. Smile

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