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FB Sales Week of 9/16/18

September 24th, 2018 at 05:43 am

Only a few sales picked up this week, but they were decent amounts. Total Sales for the week were $44.00 and I have a lot set up for pickup. We also had a small rummage sale at my Moms so will have that to add to sales too soon.

Sale #962 (LQ) $24.00
Totes Snowboots - We paid $5.33 each
Sold for $20.00
Profit = $14.67

For my Mom - 10 notebooks for $4.00

Sale #963 (RD) $15.00
NDSU Slippers - We paid $6.63 each
Sold for $15.00
Profit = $8.37

Sale #964 (NC) $5.00
For my Mom - Boys Sneakers $5.00

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