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$20K Update

October 11th, 2018 at 10:01 am

We have some things up in the air right now, so this isn't completely accurate, but I wanted to track as best I can until everything is square. One of our renters pays by automatic payment through their bank, so typically we get their rent check from their bank around the 2nd of the month. We never got the check this month, so we are waiting for them to send us a replacement check. In the meantime we had to pull from savings to cover the missing rent so that we could pay our mortgages. We also have a $300 check for a partial payment for one of our other renters deposits, but they asked us to hold the check for now, hopefully we can get that cashed and into savings soon.

Current Balance $12,270.00
+$50.00 My Payday to Our Savings (10/12)
+$75.00 My Payday to Mom Loan Savings (10/12)
+$90.00 FB Sales
+$.08 GC Interest
+$4.92 GC Even Out Amount
+$2.21 Mom Loan Interest
+$2.79 Mom Loan Even Out Amount
+$1.49 US Interest
+$13.51 US Even Out Amount
Balance $12,500.00

Local Savings $495.00
GC Savings $1190.00
Capital 360 Savings (US) $4390.00
Capital 360 Savings (Mom Loan Payback Account)$4675.00
Capital 360 Savings (Rental Deposit Account #1)$250.00
Capital 360 Savings (Rental Deposit Account #2)$1500.00
Total Savings = $12,500.00

52 Week Challenge
2018 Total = $970 (Weeks 1-30, 35-39, 41-45, 52-53)

8 Responses to “$20K Update ”

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