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Flu Shots, Thrift Store Shopping and Gender Reveals??

October 18th, 2018 at 04:33 pm

Yesterday was a long day of medical apts. From 7:45am till 3:00pm we were in and out of Drs. apts allllll day!

We had extensive ultrasounds for both babies and everything looked great! They are both measuring about the same size (roughly the size of a can of pop each) so that is also wonderful news. Both babies were dancing around a lot. Smile We got the envelopes with the babies genders, they are sealed and we will be doing a small gender reveal next week with immediate family. We are so excited!!

I had diabetic training (major family history of diabetes, so no surprise I am a prime candidate for gestational diabetes). My Dr. let me know there wasn't anything I could have done differently to prevent this so that made me feel better. I am 20 weeks now and have only gained 9lbs (with twins!) so I am happy with my weight gain so far, and they were not concerned with my weight at all, but only with my blood sugar levels. All we can do is do our best with diet and exercise to treat it to keep me and babies healthy. So I got my meter and also went to the pharmacy for test strips and lancets. We met our OOP Max for the year way back in May, so won't have to pay anything for the visits or Rx.

I also got my flu shot for the year too, again free. We took MO to CVS to get his flu shot, but they were out, so he will need to wait till next week. We had some time to kill between apts so we went to Goodwill and MO was able to find 2 pairs of shorts for next year for $3.50 each and one pair of workpants for $5.00. I have been looking for maternity coat options, but did not want to spend a ton of money on a coat I would only be wearing for a few months. I was super excited to find a really cute coat that I can wear this winter to cover up the babes. My current coat is getting a bit hard to zip! The coat probably won't last me for the whole pregnancy as it is still a regular coat, just a much bigger size, not maternity, but it was only $6.99 so I was very excited!

I also found a Peanuts PJ set that was new with tags for $14.99, and it was only marked for $1.99 ($2.12 after tax) so I got that for resell. I plan to mark that for $6.00.
*ETA - Sold for $6.00 on FB on 11/25/18
Profit = $3.88

2 Responses to “Flu Shots, Thrift Store Shopping and Gender Reveals??”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Wow, busy medical day. Glad you got your flu shot. Can't be too careful.

  2. shiela Says:


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