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Clearance Valentines Clothes

February 4th, 2019 at 08:03 pm

My Mom picked up some clearance Valentines Day clothes for us to sell, and despite the extreme cold here, they are selling quite well!

Valentines Clothes (Bought 23)
Regular Price $4.88 each
Clearance to $1.00 each
Final Price + Tax = $1.07 each
(Marked $3.00 each for rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold 7 for $3.00 each on FB on 2/3/19
*ETA - Sold 2 for $3.00 each on FB on 2/10/19

2 Responses to “Clearance Valentines Clothes ”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Wow, you find the best deals!

  2. isabella dominic Says:

    The dress is the best fit for the valentines day engagement rings . You can definitely sell the dresses completely. Because the day is celebrated by everyone. It doesn't mean that is only for couples. It is also for every individual.

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