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2019 Goal Progress - Quarter #1

March 29th, 2019 at 08:57 pm

Goals for 2019 are going good so far.

Savings Goals for 2019:
*Pay in cash for vacation to Laughlin - Goal Met
*Pay medical bills as they come and don't take on any new debt for medical - As of now goal met.
*Still have total savings at/above $5000 at the end of the year (Currently at $16,800)

I've also acquired a lot more inventory for my selling which I look at as a type of savings account too. Most items I get I sell within a month or two at most (unless they are seasonal/holiday, in which case they would be held till the next year), but obviously there are some items that take longer to sell, especially if I have a lot of them, and I typically always buy multiples of items if it is an option. This week I sold 30+ items that I just got, so within a week they were sold, but I also sold 3 items that I got in 2014! So it's a constant stream of income and though I don't want items to sit, the more items I have stocked, the more future income I have as well.

Debt Goals for 2019 were just to make minimum payment and not accrue any new debt since we are dealing with all the medical issues. We are exceeding that already, so far for 2019 we have paid $490.37 in extra principle payments to mortgages.

I also had a health goal to lose 40lbs this year, I am currently down 27lbs. Would like to be down 30lbs by the time we go to Vegas in May. Going on vaca and being sick for over 3 weeks now have definitely killed my weightloss and exercise. I did go to the Dr. yesterday finally and got meds so hopefully I will be better soon and can get back to working out.

We also have yard and home maintenance goals for this year, we haven't started on those yet due to weather. But we have started making plans.

1 Responses to “2019 Goal Progress - Quarter #1 ”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Wow, you are doing well on your goals. That is great about keeping up with the medical costs as well as losing weight. Hope you feel better.

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